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Monday, 20 February 2017

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Can I Tell You A Top Secret To Building Wealth?

I know you are on this page because you also desire to change your financial status for the better just like myself. My name is Aloko Adewale Peter (you can google me online) and I am a young entrepreneur, Social Media Expect and an Internet Marketer. I am the owner of and is an e-commerce website to shop for your choicest books at discounted prices while is a great blog for great Africa books review.
I was actually making money from both sites and they were helping to make ends meet until my cousin introduced Get Help Worldwide (GHW) to me and my life has never remain the same again. My finances skyrocketed in just few months. After 2 months of test running the program, I can now confidently introduce it to you. This program will boost your financial status to what you have never imagined.

I have come across many peer-to-peer donation, give help and get help programs, among which is the popular MMM and I had ignored them probably because of my mindset towards them but somehow, my cousin Tade was able to convinced me to try Get Help Worldwide and now, my only regret is that "I should have started earlier". In just two months, I can't believe I am on my to earning my first Million. Get Help Worldwide rocks and no doubt about it.

Get Help Worldwide is one of the World’s most organized Mutual Aid / Crowd Funding / Donation Exchange / Social Financial Platform, programmed to last forever with innovative features. I will list some of the features below and elaborated on them, for you to understand better.

So many of us are yet to understand the ideology behind Crowd Funding Programs, while others are busy setting themselves up through Crowd Funding communities like Get Help Worldwide.

Across the Globe, Crowd Funding has become a major means of raising money among individuals and a lot of successful Companies/Businesses have been set up via Crowd Funding.



It is simply an online Community where people are helping each other Financially and Directly, with No Third Parties Involved, whatever Help you give to someone financially grows by 30% if in Local currency or 50% if in Bitcoin in 30 days. (But I will latter tell you how to earn 120% to 200% profit with Get Help Worldwide)


Technically, you declare the willingness to Give Help (click on “Provide Help”), type in the amount you wish to Provide as Help either in your Local Currency or in Bitcoin, after which your account will be rewarded with One Time Registration Bonus (depending on amount of Help you Provided).

Help provided will start growing from the moment it was entered online to 30% for Local Currency or 50% for Bitcoin in 30 days. The amount money you are providing for help still remains with you untill you are paired with who you will donate directly to, which is usually after two weeks from the day you indicated to provide the amount for help. The system then pairs you with who you will be providing the help to.

On the 30th days (Maturity day), you will be able to Get Help of your money with 50% interest if you have provided help in bitcoin or 30% interest if you have provided help in your local currency. Say you have provided help of $100 in Bitcoin, it will have grown to $150 after 30days. If you have provided help of 1,000 in your local currency it will have grown to 1,300 after 30days.


When registering in the system, you get from $20 to $100 as a One Time Registration Bonus in Bitcoin and 4,000 to 20,000 as One Time Registration Bonus in Your Local Currency. Bonuses are given only once, not every time. Only those who’s first Pledge to Provide Help falls within the bonus range. (Otherwise the System will be pulled apart for bonuses). 

Registration Bonus Ranges for Bitcoin are as Follows;

(1.) $20 Registration Bonus — if you have contributed from $50 to $499.
(2.) $50 Registration Bonus — if you have contributed from $500 to $2,999.
(3.) $100 Registration Bonus — if you have contributed from $3,000 and above.

Registration Bonus Ranges for Local Currencies are as Follows;

(1.) 4,000 Registration Bonus — if you have contributed from 15,000 to 149,000.
(2.) 10,000 Registration Bonus — if you have contributed from 150,000 to 649,000.
(3.) 20,000 Registration Bonus — if you have contributed from 650,000 and above of your Local Currency.

Each participant is allowed to have ONLY one account.


Credibility Score index is a custom rating logic implemented into the system to ensure fair-play and honesty. Each new account is started with 100% rating, however, penalties are enforced when guidelines are broken, which lead to the deduction of score point. This is to ensure all members act and respond according to the guidelines of the community.

Key Guidelines / Penalties include the following 

   If you are paired and you contact the money-receiving member, asking for a 24hr time extension to make payment, once he/she approves in his account, you will lose 25% of your credibility score.
    If you offer to provide help and you cancel the offer (before you are paired), 5% score point will be deducted from your Credibility score card.
    If discovered that your profile contains wrong profile picture/ information, 50% will be deducted.
    If you fail to provide help to a paired member and expiry date elapses, your Credibility Score will be wiped out to Zero (0), which leads to automatic profile suspension.
    Account/Profile suspension means you will no longer be able to place or receive help from this platform

Finally, please note that Credibility Score value is a key input for the “automatic pairing and assigning control system”; the system is solely responding for matching requests to offers. Members will higher Credibility Score will have higher priority for paring.


You get 10% from all deposits of the participant you invited. Inviting new members into the Community is your additional contribution to its development. But nobody force the members of the Community to invite new participants. But at the same time, understanding that the GHW platform can’t exist without development and participants’ encouragement in the form of referral bonuses motivate many people to take an active position.


There are NO Guiders/Sponsors in this Platform. This platform has been DESIGNED TO LAST FOREVER and therefore does not support the excess payout privileges of Guiders which drains the system. The System ONLY Supports/Allows REPRESENTATIVES who are given extra 5%-10% of their Provide Help Offer in Addition to their 30% if they are participating in Local Currency or 50% if in Bitcoin in 30days depending on how hardworking they are.


GHW is here to Change Lives, Change Nations and Change the World. It is designed to last forever; we understand that everyone will love to earn money every 30days. We will like to inform you that this Community will last forever if only everyone makes a New Pledge to Provide Another Help after they have Received Help knowing that the new Help you pledged to Provide will bring in another 30% in Local currency or 50% in Bitcoin in 30days. It will keep the community running forever. GHW also implemented some featured to keep this in check.

    a.) After receiving Help, a Participant is given a maximum of 3 days to make another Pledge to Provide Help. If no new pledge is made after 3 days from receiving help, the system will commence debiting of your Credibility score. Please note that accounts with credibility score of zero(0) will be automatically blocked. All they need in this community are people who are active and have the Mind Set to Give and in turn Receive. We need people that will make this community last forever.
    b.) When a Participant makes a Pledge to Provide Help of $100 for Example; his/her next Pledge to Provide Help will not go below the Previous Help provided. It can only be the same or higher. This will keep the Community Growing instead of being setback by people who will give help of $1,000 for example and after Getting Help of $1,500 they decide to Provide Help of $10 in their next Pledge. Such doesn’t work here on GHW
    c.) Feel the joy of giving when you see the face of who you are Providing Help to. This will help Participants make friends all over the World. A Real Social Financial Platform with Sincere people Changing Lives, Changing Nations and Changing the World.


Grab this opportunity which is really amazing, it’s new in Nigeria and is spreading really fast. The earlier you join, the better for you.

For more information concerning anything you do not understand please call or send a whatsapp message on +2348028708577

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Sunday, 22 January 2017

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Comprehensive List of all Presidents of the United States

This is a comprehensive list of all the Presidents of the United States of America in hierarchical order. In all, there have been 45 people that have graced the White House as President of the United States all the way from George Washington to the incumbent Donald Trump. This information will guide you through the times each President served and will let you know about some that you are not familiar with. Below is a comprehensive list compiled.

1. George Washington (1789-1797)

2. John Adams (1797-1801)

3. Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809)

4. James Madison (1809-1817)

5. James Monroe (1817-1825)

6. John Quincy Adams (1825-1829)

7. Andrew Jackson (1829-1837)

8. Martin Van Buren (1837-1841)

9. William Henry Harrison (1841)

10. John Tyler (1841-1845)

11. James K. Polk (1845-1849)

12. Zachary Taylor (1849-1850)

13. Millard Fillmore (1850-1853)

14. Franklin Pierce (1853-1857)

15. James Buchanan (1857-1861)

16. Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865)

17. Andrew Johnson (1865-1869)

18. Ulysses S. Grant (1869-1877)

19. Rutherford B. Hayes (1877-1881)

20. James A. Garfield (1881)

21. Chester Arthur (1881-1885)

22. Grover Cleveland (1885-1889)

23. Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893)

24. Grover Cleveland (1893-1897)

25. William McKinley (1897-1901)

26. Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909)

27. William Howard Taft (1909-1913)

28. Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921)

29. Warren G. Harding (1921-1923)

30. Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929)

31. Herbert Hoover (1929-1933)

32. Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-1945)

33. Harry S. Truman (1945-1953)

34. Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-1961)

35. John F. Kennedy (1961-1963)

36. Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-1969)

37. Richard Nixon (1969-1974)

38. Gerald Ford (1974-1977)

39. Jimmy Carter (1977-1981)

40. Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)

41. George Bush (1989-1993)

42. Bill Clinton (1993-2001)

43. George W. Bush (2001-2009)

44. Barack Obama (2009-2017)

45. Donald Trump (2017- )

On January 20, 2017, Barack Obama’s tenure came to an end after eight years which ushered in the era of Donald Trump. He is the incumbent and many positive things are expected of him.

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Friday, 20 January 2017

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There comes the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump, whose behavioral problems forced him out of the Kew-Forest School at the age of thirteen, and enrolled in the New York Military Academy (NYMA). Born on June 14, 1946, in Jamaica Estates, Queens, New York; a German ancestry, on his father's side and Scottish ancestry, on his mother's side. He is one of the biggest real estate developers in New York City. Trump has five children by three marriages, and has eight grandchildren. His first two marriages ended in divorce.
Trump clinched the pass mark of 290 Electoral Votes, to defeat Clinton who scored 232 Electoral Votes. That election results amounted to the popular votes of 60,981,118 for Clinton, about 47.8%, and Trump with 60,350,241 popular votes about 47.3%. The passing score has been set by the Founding Fathers at 270 out of 538 Electoral Votes are needed to win United States Presidency, which makes American Democracy very unique and fascinating; thus one of the reasons Presidential candidates always focus on some key States, including swing States, either Democrat or Republican for the USA President.

Trump broke the political jinx as the second major-party presidential nominee in American history whose experience comes principally from running a business, Wendell Willkie was the first. Trump is the first United States President without prior government or military experience, and the first without prior political experience since Dwight D. Eisenhower. Trump, an entertainer, is also the oldest first-term president, 70 years. With nearly 14 million votes, Trump broke the all-time record for winning the most primary votes in the history of the Republican Party.
 The world is dazed and rendered the yellow journalism polls inept for the election of Trump. The media devalued Trump, to the acceptance of an average conservative American, who are highly 'entertained' and clinched to the 'coup' of Trump. His success at the polls took the same path of a former wrestler, Jesse 'The Body' Ventura, who became Minnesota Governor, for two terms. He started joking around, spoke the language Minnesotans wanted to hear then. Mind you, Trump is also a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fan, like myself. He is a friend of WWE owner, Vince McMahon, who hosted two WrestleMania events in the Trump Plaza and has been an active participant in several of the shows.

Trump victory brought about changes to the American political map. Trump blew his own trumpet, loud and clear from the beginning of the election campaigns, a true picture of himself. Regardless the protests, negative comments, Trump will be inaugurated January 20, 2017, and remains American President for the next four years, all things being equal. Republican controls the Congress at least till December 2018 when there would be mid-term elections to the Congress.

Unfortunately Trump has made some un-presidential, scary, very distressing statements during the Presidential campaigns. Possibly the world would see the second Trump as suggested by Dr. Carlson, one of the 2016 Republican presidential candidates.

There have been expressed dissatisfactory statements on the election outcome, which gave birth to the demonstrations, elevating into riots in about twenty-five Cities across the States. Some swing novice analysts, without principles, would claim their accuracy, being mentally indolent as the yellow journalism of the 2016 USA Presidential election portrayed. Possibly Clinton e-mail issues, with the FBI eleventh-hour probe, and later reiterated its July 2016 verdict, couple of days to the election, came too late; while major election damages had been done to Clinton's victory at the polls, which charmed the conservatives to the polls.
 Unfortunately, while comic Trump continued to capitalize on what interest most American Conservative as for every 'joke' transmitted by Trump during campaigns, most Journalists, who are obviously in support of Clinton, twisted the statement, which gave room for Trump to deny, partly contributed into Hillary Clinton's failure. wrote, "it is difficult to determine Trump's stance on issues, given his frequent changes in position and his penchant for using confusing, vague and even contradictory language." It counted at least 17 times when Trump said something and then denied having said it.

Trump belongs to the intransigent conservative and a political swinger, who perfectly played the game. Trump's party affiliation has changed over the years. From 2001 to 2008, he was a Democrat; in 2008, he endorsed Republican, John McCain, for President and officially changed his party registration to Republican in 2009. In December 2011, Trump became an Independent for five months before returning to the Republican Party, where in 2016 he emerged as US President. Trump floated the idea of running for president in 1988, 2004, and 2012, and for Governor of New York in 2006 and 2014, but did not enter those races.

Trump once quantified the Republican voters, that gave him victory at the 2016 Presidential elections, reported by the People Magazine in 1998, that "If I were to run, I'd run as a Republican. They're the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on Fox News. I could lie and they'd still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific". Prophetically his winning numbers are terrific (Trump 290 to Clinton 228 Electoral Votes) and changed USA electoral map, while Republican voters made Fox News their guiding Angels for the election.
Trump statement on the Republican voters have been reinforced by Andy Borowtz, by stating "Stopping Trump is a short-term solution. The long-term solution - and it will be more difficult - is fixing the educational system that has created so many people ignorant enough to vote for Trump."

H. L. Mencken, once predicted as reported in the Baltimore Evening Sun, of July 26, 1920, that "As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desires at last, and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and a complete narcissistic moron."

Meanwhile, Senator Harry Reid sent a strong message to Trump and summed up the election of Trump as "…The election of Donald Trump has emboldened the forces of hate and bigotry in America. White nationalists, Vladimir Putin and ISIS are celebrating Donald Trump's victory, while innocent, law-abiding Americans are wracked with fear - especially African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Muslim Americans, LGBT Americans and Asian Americans. Watching white nationalists celebrate while innocent Americans cry tears of fear does not feel like America. I have heard more stories in the past 48 hours of Americans living in fear of their own government and their fellow Americans than I can remember hearing in five decades in politics. Hispanic Americans who fear their families will be torn apart, African Americans being heckled on the street, Muslim Americans afraid to wear a headscarf, gay and lesbian couples having slurs hurled at them and feeling afraid to walk down the street holding hands. American children waking up in the middle of the night crying, terrified that Trump will take their parents away. Young girls unable to understand why a man who brags about sexually assaulting women has been elected president. The texts, emails and phone calls I have received from them have been filled with fear - fear for themselves, fear for their Hispanic and African American friends, for their Muslim and Jewish friends, for their LBGT friends, for their Asian friends… Every news piece that breathlessly obsesses over inauguration preparations compounds their fear by normalizing a man who has threatened to tear families apart, who has bragged about sexually assaulting women and who has directed crowds of thousands to intimidate reporters and assault African Americans...If this is going to be a time of healing, we must first put the responsibility for healing where it belongs: at the feet of Donald Trump, a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate...If Trump wants to roll back the tide of hate he unleashed, he has a tremendous amount of work to do and he must begin immediately."

Bernie Sanders of Vermont, 2016 Democrat candidate, a rival of Clinton would advise Trump "…to the degree that Mr. Trump is serious about pursuing policies that improve the lives of working families in this country, I and other progressives are prepared to work with him. To the degree that he pursues racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-environment policies, we will vigorously oppose him."

If he had lost the election, Trump would have had nothing to lose as his empire equates that of US Government if not more than that, with his Air Plane, with TRUMP boldly written on it, is as huge as the Airforce One, and lives the life of an Emperor or any other political leader, even the USA President. Trump says whatever his brain microwaved for his mouth, and vehemently refused to change his statements during campaigns, plus the ways and manners he acts, JUST BEING HIMSELF. He followed his dreams, despite all the hurdles along his path, like an elephant wading through the thick forest; and finally smiled at the mirror in his room, that he has been destined to be on top of the world, a successful businessman, as of 2016, he was listed by Forbes as the 324th wealthiest person in the world, and 156th in the United States, and now the president of the most powerful Democracy in the world.

Trump once said as published by World News, Tuesday, October 27, 2015, "African Americans are very lazy. The best they could do is gallivanting around ghettoes, lamenting how they are discriminated. These are people American does not need. They are enemies of progress. Look at African countries like Kenya and Nigeria for instance, those people are stealing from their own government and go to invest the money in foreign countries. From the government to opposition, they only qualify to be used as a case study whenever bad examples are required. How do you trust even those who have run away to hide here in the United States, hiding behind education? I hear they abuse me in their blogs but I don't care because even the internet they are using is ours and we can decide to switch it off from this side. These are people who Import everything including matchsticks. In my opinion, most of these African countries ought to be recolonized again for another 100 years because they know nothing about leadership and self-governance."
Specifically on Nigerians residing in the States, "We need to get the Africans out. Not the blacks, the Africans. Especially the Nigerians. They're everywhere. I went to a rally in Alaska and met just one African in the entire state. Where was he from? Nigeria! He's taking our jobs. They are in Houston taking our jobs. Why can't they stay in their own country? Why? Because they are corrupt. Their government are so corrupt, they rob the people and bring it all here to spend. And their people run away and come down here and take our jobs! We can't have that! If I become the President, we'll send them all home. We'll build a wall at the Atlantic Shore. Then maybe, we'll re-colonize them because obviously they did not learn a damn thing from the British."

Trump moderated his statement of African-Americans, concentrated on African countries with reference to Obama Kenya, and Nigeria, the notorious country for lack of visionary leaders and 'crooks' in the government, as he always do in his election campaign on African-Americans. Nigerians are Smart, God creation of special species; like Trump claimed to be smart by not paying taxes for decades in the system that he operates his businesses.

We should be proud of these Nigerians who immigrated to USA with their valuable and progressive contributions to the growth of the United States. We hope Buhari's earshot challenge has been fully restored, to put the 'crooks' where they belong and minimize the stolen of Government resources to USA, Panama, Dubai, Britain and other European countries for 'Investments' or spending. Possibly Trump would build walls on the space, preventing immigrants from Nigeria to USA, as swimming along the Atlantic Ocean may be a death wish; unlike swimming from Cuba to Florida; while other walls could be built along USA borders to prevent other unauthorized immigrants to the United States.

I doubt if any Country could concussively absorb the likes of Trump. Once you follow your dreams, with guaranteed liberty, equal justice for all, (to some extent), with the fear of God, you would attain it.

American Institutions are solid, may not be perfect. Unfortunately, Dangote, the richest man in Nigeria, with the competition from some 'crooks in Nigeria political club', dare not dabble into politics taking Trump's steps, hoping to succeed, the Nigeria system would chew him up, grind him into pieces, like dry pepper and blow it into his eyes possibly to blind him for life.

Obama has assured Americans that he has the obligation to start the president-elect on a good footing just like Bush did for him in 2008. That is democracy at work in the United States under God, with the exception of some staunch religious zealots, who are distorting God, in all ramifications.

Obama continued with his responsibilities with the Veteran celebration of Friday November 11, 2016, and the transition team has started work in earnest. All the election rhetoric are gone, and real service to Americans continue. Hillary Clinton has gone for hiking to communicate with nature, thanking God for the over 30 years in American public service.

Mockery of the deported Illegal Immigrants in the United States

In the country of immigrants, Trump's wife, Melania Trump, also known as Melania Knauss, a Slovene-American former model, was born Melanija Knavs, in Novo Mesto, southeastern Slovenia (then part of communist Yugoslavia) on April 26, 1970. She became a permanent resident of the United States in 2001 and a citizen in 2006. She will be the second foreign-born First Lady of the United States, following Louisa Adams in 1825. The world is awaiting Trump's handling of Muslims which he later changed to Muslim extremists; the Mexicans, against the wall for Mexico to pay for; and women. Trump owned part or all of the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA beauty pageants from 1996 until 2015, when he sold his interests.

The Washington Post, opined that "Trump is a mix of braggadocio, business failures, and real success." An investigative story by the New York Times found that in the early 1990s, in order to avoid "financial ruin" Trump's businesses used methods which were "legally dubious" to avoid paying taxes, and that Trump's own lawyers described these activities as "improper". Trump once told the news media that his tax rate was "none of your business," but added, "I fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible".

Meanwhile, David Remnick, Editor of the New Yorker described Trump election as "the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency is nothing less than a tragedy for the American republic, a tragedy for the Constitution, and a triumph for the forces, at home and abroad, of nativism, authoritarianism, misogyny, and racism. Trump's shocking victory, his ascension to the Presidency, is a sickening event in the history of the United States and liberal democracy. On January 20, 2017, we will bid farewell to the first African-American President - a man of integrity, dignity, and generous spirit-and witness the inauguration of a con who did little to spurn and endorsement by forces of xenophobia and white supremacy. It is impossible to react to this moment with anything less than revulsion and profound anxiety."

In the country of immigrants Americans are awaiting Trump executive power to create a "deportation force" on his "Day one of my presidency, [11 million illegal immigrants] are getting out and getting out fast," on January 20, 2017 in his opposition of birthright citizenship. In addition, one of Trump's most controversial proposals, in 2015, was a "total and complete" ban on foreign Muslims entering the United States.

The American Institutions are on very solid base and it would be awkward for any "narcissistic moron" to disassemble. Despite the protests, demonstrations in the United States, as granted by the First Amendment, they would not stop Trump from being inaugurated January 20, 2017.

First meeting at the White House Obama and Trump, Melania and Michelle Thursday November 10, 2016

Unequivocally, Republicans could be ready for war with some religious fanatics, facing ISIS. America has been engrossed with diplomacy for too long; while electing a female to the White House seems to be a 'taboo' at this period. We hope that Trump would not jeopardize the health of most Americans by repealing Obama Care through his Executive Power, without a reasonable healthcare alternatives; or wiping out the First African American President accomplishments to the satisfaction of citizens, just to show the top notch xenophobia embedded in the veins of an average American Conservative.

Obama 2009-2016 Trump and Obama at the Whitehouse November 10, 2016 2016

A school of thought might look at Trump's victory as a divine intervention. When the Israelites disobeyed God, He sent them bad leader to discipline them. The Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar defeated them and put them in captivity. The Persians under King Cyrus did the same. For years US has been swamped with gay marriages, and all manners of deviant behaviors that are shocking to the world. God has given the US Donald Trump for a purpose. As a Presbyterian, Trump claims to participate in Holy Communion, and has not asked God for forgiveness of his sins. He once stated, "I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try and make it right. I don't bring God into that picture."

Trump never say the popular phrase, "God bless the United States of America".

Written by Femi Ajayi, a Professor of Policy, Management & Conflict Resolution, at Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State
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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

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Caramel Rush By Homto Zaida Dokpesi

It's is a witty, creative, erotic adventure of a Lagos single girl, Adeola Cole who had gone on a mogbomoya movement with her friend, Halima to a  wedding ceremony without any knowledge of who the bride or groom was.
On arrival, the groom, Laolu can't keep his eyes and hands off Adeola. Adeola on the other hand is willing to go on the adventure she is in dire need and want of this Caramel Cholocate.
Would they accomplish their mission with the obstacles staring them in their face?

Caramel Rush is a Nigerian story presented in a theatrical fashion in what appears to be an attempt to extend the book frontier. The daring sense of adventure and exploration of the main characters makes nonsense of common sense and caution. It is unarguably an attention grabber.
-- Prince Abiathar Zadok

Snippets From The Book 


My mother had to raise me up single-handedly because my father never knew about my existence. She gave me the very best that many thought I had both parents.

My mum meant everything to me, she was the very air I breathe. I would give up my all for her.

As the sun penetrated through my window that morning, I had no choice but to open my eyes to the intruder that would not let me remain in lala land.

 Just as I was trying to get my head round all the drama, my phone started chiming. Who could it be? Who could it be?....
It was my mum, I had no choice but to pick up her call immediately.

Mum: Hello Jasmine (my pet name) how are you?
Me: (smiling sheepishly) I am very well mum and you?
Mum: I am fine my darling so is there anyone I should be meeting soon?
Me: Mummmmmm you are at it again, once I meet him you would be the first to know. Take care of you mummy. Luv you. Speak to you soon.
As a usual Saturday in December in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, it's a usual norm to have weddings almost every weekend till January and this Saturday was no different.

 My girlfriend Halima had called me during the week to invite me to a wedding. I truly didn't know the bride or groom but I was determined to go on this mogbomoya (I hear I go) movement nothing was going to stop me.

In preparation as a bad sharp girl, I stayed away from the sun. Did my cream mix and was rubbing judiciously. Made sure I had my hair done so that it would sit perfectly on my face. Banana became my best friend that's all I ate for the week, did my situps, squats and mini push ups. I must look haute ohhh I Kent even begin to shout.

 My outfit was on fleek, my shoes nko u really don't wanna know. I was already dancing at the party just waiting for time to slip by.

 An hour later, Halima had arrived at my house to pick me up. We were late for the church service so we decided to just go for the wedding reception after all that's where nnkan nbe (where something is happening).

 As I stepped into the venue, I felt like I was in heaven or rather that would be my visual representation of what heaven would look like. it was truly beautiful no stone was left unturned in the preparation.

We had to wait a while for the couple to arrive the reception venue. I was already dealing with the mad cocktails and puffies we were being served.

On the arrival of the Couple, all the friends had to go out and bring the couple in (here today I had to form friendship). So we formed two lines leaving enough space at the middle to enable the couple dance through to show us what their made of.

 As we were waiting for the MC to announce their arrival. I felt eyes on me, so I looked up, lo and behold it was the handsome groom's eyes roving around my body. I said to myself this cannot be happening maybe I am imagining things. Then I raised my head once again and his eyes were now fixed on me. (Haaa this was not the plan, the groom ke?) but I couldn't blame him I was looking dapper, hair did, nice skin (thanks to my father), I had the body of an hour glass (yeah that's what my mama gave me). Almighty God really took his time to create me. It  would be difficult to see all that and turn your head the other way.

I smiled at him in a clandestine manner as it was the natural thing to do saying in my mind (this is the lord's doing and it is marvellous in your sight).

Mogbe, he smiled back and started walking towards me Lord knows I could hear the sound of every step he took as it was in sync with the racing beats of my heart...........

About the Author 

Homto Zaida Dokpesi is a young Abuja-based businesswoman. She is the daughter of High Chief Raymond Dokpesi. She hails from Agenebode, a town in Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo state. She is a fashion entrepreneur, an accountant, a business economist and a lifestyle writer. An Adventurous Thrill Seeker who has a knack for turning Ideas into Reality.

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Thursday, 12 January 2017

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Ladies and Gentlemen

I am here to speak with you on Prostate. The topic is misleading. Is prostate strictly for men? Yes, ONLY men have prostate and ONLY men over 40years but the healthcare enlightenment is for everyone. There is no woman who does not know a man 40 years and above – father, uncle, brother, son, friend, neighbor, colleague.

Essentially what I will be doing today is health promotion. Responsible health promotion must provide three things:

1. Information
2. Reassurance
3. A plan of action.
Let me start with a background on prostate health.
Everyone has a pair of kidneys. The job of the kidney is to remove waste. It is the LAWMA (waste management company) of your body. Everyday your blood passes through the kidney several times to be filtered. As the blood is filtered, urine is formed and stored in a temporary storage tank called the urinary bladder.

If there were to be no urinary bladder, as a man walks on the road, urine will be dropping.
Now think of the plumbing work in your house. Think of the urinary bladder as the overhead storage tank. From the storage tank, a good plumber will run pipes to other parts of the house, including the kitchen. God in His wisdom ran pipes from our urinary bladder to the tip of the penis. The pipe is called the urethra. Just below the bladder and surrounding the urethra is a little organ called the prostate gland.

The prostate gland is the size of a walnut and weighs about 20grams. Its job is to make the seminal fluid which is stored in the seminal vesicle. During sexual intercourse, seminal fluid comes down the urethra and mixes with the sperms produced in the testicles to form the semen. So semen technically is not sperm. It is sperm + seminal fluid. The seminal fluid lubricates the sperm.

After age 40, for reasons that may be hormonal, the prostate gland begins to enlarge. From 20 grams it may grow to almost 100 grams. As it enlarges, it squeezes the urethra and the man begins to notice changes in the way he urinate.

If you have a son under 10, if he has a little mischief like we all did at that age, when he comes out to urinate, he can target the ceiling and the jet will hit target. Call his father to do same, wahala dey. His urine stream is weak, cannot travel a long distance and sometimes may come straight down on his legs. So he may need to stand in awkward position to urinate.

Not many men will be worried their urine stream cannot hit the ceiling. Toilets are on the floor and not on the ceiling. But other symptoms begin to show.

The man begins to notice that after urinating and repacking, urine still drops on his pants. This is the reason why after an older man urinates, he has to ring bell. A younger man simply delivers to the last drop and walks away. Just see an older man coming from the bathroom. Sometimes he may clutch the newspaper closely to hide the urine stains, particularly on plain colored trousers.

At this point you wait longer for the urine flow to start. There are 2 valves that must open for you to urinate – the internal and external sphincters. Both open but because of obstructions in the urethra, you wait long for the flow to start.

You have this feeling immediately after urinating that there is still something left.

As all these things happen, the bladder begins to work harder to compensate for the obstruction in the urethra. The frequency of urination goes up. Urgency sets in. sometimes you have to practically run into the toilet. Nocturia also becomes common. You wake up more than 2 times at night to urinate. Your wife begins to complain.

Men being men may not talk to anyone even at this point. Then the more serious complications start.
Stored urine gets infected and there may be burning sensation when urinating.

Stored urine forms crystals. Crystals come together to form stone either in the bladder or in the kidney. Stones may block the urethra.
Chronic urinary retention sets in. The bladder stores more and more urine. The size of the bladder is 40 - 60 cl. A bottle of coke is 50cl. As the bladder stores more urine it can enlarge up to 300cl. An overfilled bladder may leak and this leads to wetting/urinary incontinence. Also the volume may put pressure on the kidney and may lead to kidney damage.
What may likely bring the man to hospital is acute urinary retention. He wakes up one day and he is not able to pass urine.

Everything I have described above is associated with prostate enlargement, technically called benign prostate hyperplasia.

There are other diseases of the prostate like:
1. Prostatitis – inflammation of the prostate
2. Prostate cancer – cancer of the prostate.

This discussion is on prostate enlargement.

I have bad news and good news.

The bad news is that everyman will have prostate enlargement if he lives long enough.
The good news is that there are life style changes that can help the man after 40 to maintain optimum prostate health.

Look at what you eat. 33% of all cancers, according to the US National Cancer Institute is related to what we eat.
Red meat everyday triples your chances of prostate disease. Milk everyday doubles your risk. Not taking fruits / vegetables daily quadruples your risk.

Tomatoes are very good for men. If that is the only thing your wife can present in the evening, eat it with joy. It has loads of lycopene. Lycopene is the most potent natural antioxidant.
Foods that are rich in zinc are also good for men. We recommend pumpkin seeds (ugbogulu).
Zinc is about the most essential element for male sexuality and fertility.

Men need more zinc than women. Every time a man ejaculates he loses 15mg of zinc. Zinc is also important for alcohol metabolism. Your liver needs zinc to metabolize alcohol.


As men begin to have urinary symptoms associated with prostate enlargement, it is important they look at alcohol consumption. More fluid in means more fluid out.

Drink less. Drink slowly.

Exercise helps build the muscle tone. Every man should exercise. Men over 40 should avoid high impact exercise like jogging. It puts pressure on the knees. Cycling is bad news for the prostate. We recommend brisk walking.

When we sit, two-third of our weight rests on the pelvic bones. Men who sit longer are more prone to prostate symptoms. Do not sit for long hours. Walk around as often as you can. Sit on comfortable chairs. We recommend a divided saddle chair if you must sit long hours.

Men should avoid tight underwear. It impacts circulation around the groin and heats it up a bit. While the physiological temperature is 37 degrees, the groin has an optimal temperature of about 33 degrees. Pant is a no - no for men. Wear boxers.  Wear breathable clothing.

Avoid smoking. It affects blood vessels and impact circulation around the groin.

Regular sex is good for the prostate.

Celibates are more prone to prostate illness. While celibacy is a moral decision, it is not a biological adaptation. Your prostate gland is designed to empty its contents regularly.

Thought: when someone shared something of value with you and benefit from it. You have a moral obligation to share it with others because someone in your friends list might be saved
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When a holiday and an occasion like the Christmas celebration arises, that means one thing: The mad scramble for gifts. Whether you’re shopping for loved ones, office mates, friends, or acquaintances, finding that perfect something for someone can be a nerve-wracking task. At a time like this, naturally my thoughts turn first toward books. Anyway, this is highly personal. Individuals may have different choices of gift. But I’m not the only one, I’m sure. If you are reading this post you likely understand the power and beauty of a great book.

We at Sunshine always find ourselves delightfully busy around the holidays. We love assisting a fiancé in finding the right book for his bibliophile love, brainstorming books for a respected retirement life, or suggesting texts for graduates embarking on a new life. In fact, gift giving is simply an extension of one of the most rewarding aspects of our business: the pleasure of matching the right book with the right recipient.

There is always a special book for every special person in your life. An adventure, a romance, a mystery, a comedy, a memoir, self-improvement, drama, from philosophy to how-to. Wish it, and it will come true within the pages of a book. Share the love of books with your friends and loved ones at this Christmas period!

8 reasons why books the best gifts for the holiday season?

  1. Books have the capacity to change life. They can make someone laugh, cry and reflect. This is one major reason I love giving—and receiving books. 
  2. Books are affordable, and they provide hours of surprise, escape, and discovery. Sure, some books can be as much as N10,000 but for as little as N1,000 you can get the perfect gift for someone. 
  3. They're easy to wrap! 
  4. You cannot open a book without learning something. 
  5. You can personalize the book you give. What makes a book really special is that you can write an inscription in it. It makes the book that you get for someone all the more personal. 
  6. You can literally do all your shopping in one place. Whether you stay home and shop online at sunshine or you venture outside your house to a bookstore, you can get your shopping done in one place — and probably in one trip. 
  7. A book will last a lifetime. A toy will eventually be discarded and a sweater will wear thin. A book, though, will forever grace the person’s bookshelf. Every time they refer to the book that you gave them, they’ll remember you. 
  8. There’s nothing to worry about when buying a book. When you buy a book for someone, that’s it. Wrap it, send it to them, and then watch the smile on the person’s face as they see the book you bought for them. You don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size, forgetting batteries, or hoping you got their favorite color
Authors and celebrities from Dan Brown and Danielle Steele to Valerie Bertinelli and Al Roker know books are great gifts and are sharing just some of the reasons why in their own words. Their responses are often funny, sometimes whimsical and always thoughtful. Read on to find out what makes a book a great gift:

Books make great gifts because they can unveil hidden secrets.” Dan Brown 

Books make great gifts because they expand your horizons and keep you cooking.”Emeril Lagasse

Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside them, and it’s much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world.”Neil Gaiman

Books make great gifts because… [they don’t] come in any particular size, so you don’t have to be embarrassed if you bought somebody the wrong size.”Valerie Bertinelli 

Books make great gifts because in a time of trouble, they can take the reader personally into a place of hope.”Glenn Beck

Books make great gifts because they’re everybody’s favorite things.”Julie Andrews

Books make great gifts because they’re something you love that you can share.”John Lithgow 

“Books are the most fun you can have for under $25. You and your significant other can’t go to a movie and buy popcorn and have that much fun!”Al Roker 

“Books make great gifts because you don’t have to plug them in.” –Alec Baldwin

There are many ways of acquiring knowledge, but books are a tried and true method
They contain vast amounts of information which can easily be handed to another person when you’re done.  What better time than the Christmas to give someone you love the gift of knowledge?
We at Sunshine Bookseller want to make your Holiday shopping easy. We also want to help you save money. Below are suggested great collection you can get for those loved ones at this festive period: (Click on each for more details)

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Other Great Good Books for Christmas Gift are:
We thought with the advent of December we’d take a moment to celebrate some of the great book gifts of the past, so I want to ask you to tell me about a special book you once received as a gift. Use the comment box below.
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