ANSWERS FOR YOUR MARRIAGE. By Bruce & Carol Britten.

Answers 4 ur Marriage sunshinebooksellers Learn to Love, Enjoy Romance and Sex in your Marriage.
This book will teach you how your marriage can have true love, friendship, and better sex. What you can do if your husband/wife is selfish, wastes money, has sex outside marriage…….

Husbands & Wives from Africa, Europe and Asia have found answers in this book, You will too!
  • My husband doesn’t love me
  • How can i give my wife joy in sex?
  • We argue about money.
  • My wife quarrels with my mother.
  • My father took my virginity.
  • I found him in bed with a girl.
  • My husband doesn’t satisfy me.
  • She fails to get pregnant.
  • How can i make him a better husband.
  • What things really excite a wife?
  • She still loves her former boyfriend.
  • I want sex with his wife just once.
  • My husband doesn’t love God.
  • She refuses to forgive my past sins.
  • I fear he may give me HIV.
  • Our teenage son lives in sin.
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