A Lagos Bus Conductor.

Do I need to describe a typical Lagos bus conductor? Okay, I'd do so just for the sake of my African friends and Nigerians who just came into the country yesterday. A Lagos bus conductor is a young guy probably between the age bracket of 17 to 35. He works all day long wearing a pair of bathroom slippers, a dirty white singlet and a small towel round his neck. However, sometimes you may be stunned to see him hustling in a hot sun with the exact replica of a shirt or jean that you consider your best.

A Lagos bus conductor has at least a missing tooth. The tooth could have been lost to street riots, some other kind of violence or police brutality. A Lagos bus conductor reminds you of Jet Li, he hungs firmly to the door of his docile Molue or Danfoe bus. He doesn't tolerate nonsense and he is ready to punch Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali at the slightest provocation. However, that doesn't mean that all Lagos bus conductors are cholerically temerarious anyway. Let me quickly warn you, paraventure your fare isn't complete, please inform a Lagos bus conductor before you hop into his bus, otherwise you may have the devil to pay.

A Lagos bus conductor doesn't have the latest version of the English dictionary in his house, but he knows the latest slang that hit the street. And let me warn you again, don't try to engage a Lagos bus conductor in a drinking competition because he drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney. His sorts of liquor is a mixture that you can not fathom its chemistry.

A Lagos bus conductor may not know anything about auto mechanics, but he surely understands what every sound that comes from the engine of his bus signals. He knows nothing about geography but he has mastered his routes and the roads to the extent that he knows where even the smallest pot hole on the road lies. He knows nothing about strategic studies but he surely knows the peak and off peak hours in every business day. The fact that the bus conductor knows the above mentioned things means that his brain has the potential to actually understand auto mechanics, geography and stategic studies. 

In addition, the fact that you cannot cheat a Lagos bus conductor when it comes to the amount of change he owes you means that his brain has the potential to understand mathematics and accounting. A Lagos bus conductor deals with people daily on his bus, that means he can understand sociology and industrial relations. 

A Lagos bus conductor knows the names of the President, the Governors, Head of Unions, state capitals, Senate president and even the first lady of the country which means that his brain can understand political science. All I'm trying to say is that those bus conductors you see around can understand every field of knowledge they need to survive in their business.

The story of the bus conductor highlights the fact that the human brain is universal. Because you were opportuned to pass through a university doesn't mean you have a smarter brain than those who have not passed through the system. A fisherman who knew nothing about any field of education, surely know how to swim and catch fishes.

As we go out daily, let's treat the less privileged with respect, the bus conductors, the market women, the housemaids.

Unfortunately, I shall drop my pen in grief because no bus conductor would read this article.
(Excerpt Probably, If everybody share it)

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