Face the bullet

M.K.Gandhi, father of Indian Nation, fell to assassin’s bullet 
The democracy and freedom had sealed his fate 
He was done to death to be called martyr
The history was to record his death as human error 

Freedom and liberty was gained sans bloodshed
The masses were assured of victory and led
How much cruelty and repression they had to face?
The hatred and deep apprehension was never to be traced

Martin Luther king has also fallen to bullet
The black people have yet to realize dream and get
Much awaited peace with liberty rights
The land of freedom and liberty faces fight in streets 

Sri Mao Bandaranayke too gave away life to bullet 
Not other man but from his own land fired at 
All these people stood for equality and freedom
Bullets did its work in exchange for wisdom 

Where are leaders in world to lead masses?
Where are people from different breed in ordinary classes?
People blame system but do nothing to offer resistance
They want some one to face bullet as special chance 

I appeal people to import leaders from outside their country
He will stand for their cause and gain liberty
The word freedom and liberty is taken for personal term 
That is why the good people are lost in jungles with no return

People have lost moral right to claim for real freedom
They raise no banner of revolt and stand out in open seldom
They want to pass the comment and witness the struggle in close room
Only poor people come forward with night lamp to witness blossom 

Slain leader from Sri Lanka (Formerly known as Ceylon)

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