Traditional Books vs. Tablets

How many times has a book transported us to a wonderful universe of adventures, romance and joy? For years we always fought against TV and cheered for reading, but now that tablets have invaded the market and our lives, and slowly we start to notice that people's bookshelves are no longer filled with books because they rather buy them online and read them on their screens. So, with the advent of kindles and e-books, the kingdom of readers split in two, between those who faithfully stick to the first one and those who jumped straight to the second one. But let’s compare them and see their pro and cons!

Price - Traditional books most definitely cost more than e-books because of the fact that they are actual objects, therefore their production costs are higher.  The total price we pay for an electronic version of a book is divided between what goes to the website and what goes to the author, without spending further money in materials. But even if e-books cost less, so one of the main problems with e-readers is that tablets and kindles are quite expensive costing a lot more than individual books. Of course not all e-Book users need to buy the most expensive device; of course, one of the solutions for this is buying a used tablet or kindle online and so saving 30%-50% compared to its original price.

Experience - This is probably the most significant difference between the two. A traditional book offers a whole experience that an e-book can’t offer because of the simple fact of being a tangible object that you can actually own, give and lend, feel its pages under your fingertips, flick them, underline them and write on them. It is invested with an emotional value that an e-book will never have. What traditional book readers argue is that they consider e-reading something cold and senseless, because one of the things they love is being able to look at the library in their homes, filled with books and symbolizing how much they've read over the years.

Space - This is where a tablet wins hands down. The amount of space and weight of a kindle book is definitely less than a traditional book. Another great thing is that when you carry your e-book you can be reading more than one book at a time depending on your mood, and actually it's quite common that e-readers read more than one book at the same time. Can you imagine carrying around with you 3 or 4 different real reading books all day? That would be exhausting.

Being Green – This is something which traditional book readers always end up admitting: books have a big natural cost in terms of paper and ink. Did you know that it takes 1/4th of a tree in order to print a book? Here are some environmental reasons to choose e-books over traditional printed ones.

At the end it's really up to every individual to decide if they're more of the traditional-kind of reader 

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