Who Will Love My Country By Senator Ike Ekweremadu

Who Will Love My Country,” is the title of the latest book written by Senator Ike Ekweremadu, and it was presented to the public in Abuja on Wednesday April 27, 2016, a day that will go down in history, as a day, eminent Nigerians from all walks of life, were gathered, to unveil ideas on how to make the Nigeria of our dreams work.
The book is his own modest attempt at analyzing the challenges of the country, with a view to providing ideas capable of provoking the minds of Nigerian leaders, to pause and think of how best, a Nigeria of our dreams could be built.

In writing this thoughtful book, Senator Ike Ekweremadu admitted up-front that personal, professional and concrete reasons, he "loves Nigeria and will forever love it." However, it is "tough" love because he never gave the leadership, the elite and the citizens of this country "free passes" in the book; rather he sets very high standards of the stakeholders. The author wants a Nigeria that works and which delivers for the many rather than the few. In this regard, he clearly demonstrated that the deepening democracy would make Nigeria a better country whereby citizens would be led into "a nobler and more fulfilling lives and ultimately make us to love our country." Hence, loving Nigeria is of necessity, work in progress, although he feels sure that Nigeria's future is bright.

Nonetheless, Senator Ekweremadu shows, in his book, that while he is an optimist about our country, he harbours no illusion about its challenges. Most discerning Nigerians would agree, sadly, that almost fifty six years after independence, our country is not where it should be and not near where it can be in terms of socio-economic and infrastructural developments, Indeed, by comparison, countries with which we were at par in the years of our independence in 1960, in terms of per capita income such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Republic of Korea, have overtaken us in many respects.

In order to regain the development grounds which we have lost and to move Nigeria forward, the leadership and citizens of the country would need urgently to embark on concerted efforts to make three sets of changes: (a) structural and constitutional, especially in our federal system; (b) public policy, especially in the key areas of education, security sector reform, equitable resource sharing and poverty reduction, and (c) attitudinal, including especially on the issue of corruption, impunity and lack of accountability. In these areas requiring change, the author draws on his considerable and varied experiences at the local government, state, national and international levels (including as Speaker of ECOWAS Parliament) in providing penetrating analyses as well as concrete proposals for making them. His proposal are both forward looking and practical and if faithfully implemented by all concerned, would bring us closer to realizing the Nigeria of our dreams and those of our Founding Fathers: a united peaceful, prosperous and just nation.

Senator Ekweremadu has, however, very clearly demonstrated in this book that Nigerians “can only build a “Nigeria of our dreams” if they make bold efforts to “love her above our individual selves and narrow interests” we cannot expect other nations or foreigners to love us more than we love ourselves.

This book is a must-read for all Nigerians. Will you also love your country?

Who Will Love My Country
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