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When it comes to sports betting, majority of the bettors bet on football games and this has made football the most popular game in the betting industry.
Football Prediction is something you can successfully do if you follow the right process of predicting football matches.

It is true that there are series of statistics that need analysis. These statistics are very important in football predictions so if you are new to betting, you can easily find accurate football data analysis can on site like greenbet.ng.

If you can start analyzing football statistics then you can apply the data you collect to Predict football and start making big wins from football betting.

You should know that you do not need to be a master in football before you start football prediction; all you need is basic knowledge in football, leagues and know top relevant players. This article will take you on the necessary steps to follow when it come football prediction.

Make research on upcoming games
You can kick start your football prediction by picking up a good number of teams from any league of your choice, or you can check greenbet for top teams, and then get the statistics of these teams. You can start with 5 teams from the English premier leagues, Spanish La liga or other leagues of your choice.

Choose the best performing team
Make sure you do a good data collection by doing your research well, check how the teams performed in their previous matches, choosing the best performing team is a good start. Get hold of figures like the numbers of goals scored, the players who made attempt to score with a shot, the team organization when they play on the field, put these data together as material for your final prediction result.

Work on your data
At this point take a closer look at the statistic available to you and do some simple calculations, for example let’s take a look at team black and white
·         Team black has won all the 6 home games they played with team white
·         This will give team black an edge over team white with higher scores
·         Team black has won 7 out of their 10 matches, making them top the league
With these data, you will be convinced that team black is the best team, and might possibly win in other games.

Research on different odds
When it comes to sports betting odds play a vital role, do a research on the different odds available on different bookmakers site on the matches you have chosen to find out the one that is best for you, then choose the most profitable odd but if it is not good enough you will need to start a new research for a new team.
Your aim is to win a bet so taking out some few hours to carry out this research and analysis is not a waste of time.

Allow Greenbet do the job
Sport prediction take a lot of work and research, but if you cannot do this yourself then Greenbet can give you premium football prediction service with their professional team.
Greenbet.ng team carefully analyze major Nigeria bookmakers odds and  gives accurate football predictions that will help you win big in sports betting.

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